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Pixel Garden Studios primary goal is to develop beautiful, functional, cost effective websites for your passions while supporting you with the knowledge to succeed in accomplishing your unique goals.

About the Owner

Jeff Sanders and his familyIn 1998 I created my very first website. It housed a collection of stories I had written. My ISP allowed us to host a website with our internet connection. With no skills at writing HTML markup, and no other tools at my disposal, I created a website using Microsoft Publisher. It didn't even have a proper domain name at the time.

I bought a copy of Microsoft FrontPage. It was reasonably priced and I still didn't know much other than layout techniques that looked pleasing to me. At the time most everyone was working with tables anyway.

As I used the software more and more, I found that working within the confines of its design view was limiting, as was using its form builders and other things, so I committed to write HTML by hand. I still used FrontPage, but I was using it as an editor more than dragging and dropping predefined elements anymore.

In the year 2000 I met a young woman named Kim. One day, as I was redesigning my personal website for what seemed like the hundredth time, she said to me, “Why don't you make websites for other people?”

After some research and planning, Kim and I started our web design business we named RandomActs Design in November 2001. The name was a play off of my personal site titled Random Acts of Imagination. Kim made the graphics and I wrote markup and coding.

My first paid website was for my cousin Matthew Golay. He asked if we would make him a website because the one he was using to promote his music was being bought and shutting down.

As his popularity grew in the Fox Valley and Oshkosh area so did the questions about who created his website. Kim and I did a lot of work for musicians during that time. Copper Box, RPM, Boxkar, Rob Anthony and the Moon Gypsies to name a few. We also worked some of the venues where many of those bands played.

Kim eventually decided the Internet wasn't for her and went back to finish medical school. I'm happy to tell you she completed her Masters of Science in Nursing. We are married now with three wonderful children.

Since then the web design industry has changed dramatically. With the tools available today, anyone can develop a website which is actually what the public internet was intended for.

My challenge is to be better than an automated website builder. I do that by creating beautiful, one of a kind websites build with your individual goals in mind. And I also do that by just being here. I'm always available to discuss tips, problems, brainstorming new ideas and whatever else crosses your mind.